Shivani Singh | Co-Founder (Service & Operation)


Compelling prior proficiency as an executive assistant to the director at Chase consultancy to managing the front desk at Smart training services she has mastered the aspect of operation management and service-oriented business.

Metamorphosizing herself by attentively engrossing in FI.G.H.T.E.R, a self-transformation program, and upskilling her abilities by acquiring erudition with programs like Advanced selling skills for the tenure of a trimester, Shivani Singh has an exceptionally integrated, multidisciplinary, and holistic approach toward the functionality of any task she is amenable to.

Impersonating as a co-relator between the director and the external associates she is highly skilled at excellence in communications and interfacing with clients. Taking the lead to administer the sales and operations she is all in get-set-go mode to endorse operations and service leadership for the organization.

She involves herself actively in making important policy planning and decisions. Her implementation to develop operational policies and procedures leads to a higher level of management in customer support and a customer-facing team.

Her positive outlook ensures that everything works out smoothly by executing to the best of her abilities and delivering the service experiences that clients expect and desire for themselves. Her engagement in the objectives of operations in both internal and external implications signifies the flexibility of organizational competitiveness

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