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General Disinfestation

(Cockroach, Black Ants, Red Ants & Silver Fish)

Our trained personnel applies a chemical gel to the infested or more likely evident to make a way for the entry of pest and all the associated places like corners, appliances, furniture, etc.

Termites Control

(Pre & Post construction Treatments)

Contract-based work is done in the ongoing construction premises & in post construction treatment anti-termite spray-based chemical, site visits, and checkup is done at regular intervals of time.  

Mosquito Control

(Mosquito Control services)

Larvicide treatment, Residual spraying & Fogging are the methods that we will use to remove mosquitoes from your facility completely and will make their recurrence impossible

Rodents Control

(Rodents Control Service)

Chemical methods and mechanical means. Another excellent methodology is trapping the runway installed with glue boards, cages, or wonder traps. The trapped rodent is then released to a distant non-residential location.

Bed Bugs Control

(Bed Bugs Control Services)

Chemical is sprayed after the inspection of the premises and this leads to the breaking of the cycle of bug reproduction and multiplication giving you relief and prevention of re-infestation shortly.

Bird Control

(Netting & Spikes Installation)

Installation of spikes on borders and walls of compounds these spikes are blunt and don’t harm birds but restrict them to reside there. Spike can be installed in schools, complexes, company borders, and walls bordering your private houses and terraces.

Wood borer control

Once the inspection is done by our expertise the furniture which is infested is fully emptied and all the pores formed are injected with oil-based chemicals and also spraying treatment is done. Restrictive use of the furniture is suggested for 3-4 hours. Emptying the furniture remains your responsibility as our employees are obligated to touch the client’s property.

Sanitization or Disinfection

Now since viruses and its factor are between us all time it becomes essential to stay protected in every mass gathering. .Sanitization services are provided in your houses, living areas, societies, meetings, conference rooms, and any location of social gathering. The service includes pre and post-gathering sanitization of the premises.

Fly Control

By understanding and investigating the area of access of fleas into your homes and identifying its species, and level of infestation a spraying technique of insecticide is used called the fly exclusion technique, fly control units are also installed on your demands at your commercial premises 

Ticks Control

They feed on the warm-blooded hosts by biting them and these can infest humans and also pet animals and cause various painful and irritating skin diseases as they can attach to any part of your body and cause discomfort. A non-toxic pesticide that is safe for use indoors is sprayed where the infestation is identified. The vacuum technique is also used for the initial level of control


Lizard Control

Lizards are reptiles having snake-like bodies. They enter our homes through minute unknown places. They appear over walls and ceilings. They fall over or bite and their venom can enter our bloodstream which can be poisonous and can be even fatal They prefer eating mosquitoes and ants. Spraying of specific pesticides that has an odor that is not lizard-friendly. It will not resist the smell and its occurrence will be eliminated.

Honey Bee Control

Pyrethroid Insecticides are commonly used to control bees. Bees spray is also used to get rid of bees and their web. Smoking techniques and hive removal techniques are also used that includes vacuuming out a hive to temperatures that a bee cannot survive. The safe method with the use of protective gear is performed by our trained experts.

Spider Control

Spiders love unclean, dark, damp, and dirty spaces. Especially the hidden areas They weave the webs in high and low corners and create a mess by jumping and running in the home. Indoor spray treatment by aerosol insecticide to be sprayed in all the hidden areas where spiders may crawl. Using strong scent sprays and spider repellant to get rid of spiders and their web completely.


Centipede & Millipedes Control

When it comes to centipedes and millipedes they are the creepiest of all crawling creatures. They are both arthropods but their difference lies in the leg structure. Millipedes have more legs than centipedes. Centipedes can have more prevailed in old homes and millipedes are generally found in the outside vicinity. 

Fumigation Control

There are many methods of fumigation that involve the different state of fumigants used like solid, liquid and gaseous fumigation. It is one of the most successful techniques to get rid of insects and pest that have infested your homes.

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