Termites Control


Termites Control

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Termites are colonial creatures that reside and attack in groups they are detritus in nature and hence feed on fiber found in the furniture of your home they can even disrupt walls by digging holes and forming mountains of concrete filled. Keeping these in control a permanent solution is mandatory.


Pre-construction treatment: Contract-based work is done in the ongoing construction premises by drilling the walls linking to the flooring a termiticide gel is infested between the linings of prepared surfaces and the wall is replastered. The wall is hence termites protected and safe from its colonial growth.

Post construction: Inspection and refilling of holes and corners, filling the walls by drilling them with the anti-termite solution and sealing the hole with cement, channels, pipelines are also treated with anti-termite spray-based chemical, site visits, and checkup is done at regular
intervals of time.

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