Abhishek Singh | Co-Founder (Sales & Marketing)


Comprehending an absolute epoch-making existence in companies like Pepcopp pest control services as a sales executive and Pest clean Max pest services as a head of sales and marketing for the past 5 years. He expanded his knowledge and skills by actively investing himself for a tenure of one year in the Advanced Selling Skills program.

Abhishek Singh has gained remarkable experience and in-depth analysis of the current market trends. Being extremely passionate about his future assignments and endeavors he has buckled up his seat belt to head sales and marketing in our organization.

He has highly accomplished skills of virtually or on-site dealing with clients and generating sales, His power to resolve conflict with creativity, His ability to grasp things quickly, and the minute understanding to reach out to potential clients by recommending and demonstrating adequate benefits of our products and services.

Before offering them to the customers with exact negotiations and within the estimated limits adds an extraordinary feature in boosting the economic value of the business. He plays a vital role in leading sales and marketing of our organization.

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